Thursday, July 29, 2010

Accident avoidance...To brake or to swerve?

We all have been in some tight situations when it comes to avoiding a accident and we automatically brake or swerve without thinking.  Some of us have made the wrong decision on whether to brake or swerve, hopefully you are never in that position again but unfortunately as a rider we are always in that position  after reading this article hopefully it will help you to make a better informed decision on to brake or swerve to avoid an accident.

The purpose of this article is solely for information purposes. It is not the intent of this article to encourage or recommend any type of maneuver.  When a rider is confronted with a sudden obstacle ( be a car pulling in your line, a deer crossing the road etc. etc.) you have to evaluate the situation and decide how to react. Your primary options are to attempt to brake to a stop or swerve around the obstacle.

Which decision is more likely to result in avoiding the accident is based on physics of movement (kinematics).  Based on experimental data and published accident investigations we can plot the required distance to brake and the distance to swerve.

As braking distance increases by the square of the speed, we draw the following conclusions:
If traveling from 0 to 50 MPH (give or take 5 miles depending on road conditions and rider skills) braking is the best option.  Traveling in excess of 50 MPH the braking distance increases exponentially and swerving becomes the best option.

Since both braking and swerving are maneuvers based on the law of physics, we can conclude (in general) at “lower” speeds, braking is the better accident-avoidance maneuver, while at “higher” speeds, swerving is the better one.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Riding Skills Series: Throttle Control How And When To Get On The Gas

Here is another great article by Andrew Trevitt who writes for Sport Rider.  Throttle control is one of if not the most important thing to learn on a motorcycle.  How much you give the on the Throttle will determine how fast or how slow you go.  How much you give on the Throttle will determine if you end up in the back of a car, etc or end up with a wheelie.

I know when I first went from a Katana 600 to the Suzuki 1000 I discovered real quick about Throttle control and the different in each motorcycle.  The Throttle holds the power of it all and you must learn how to control it so I hope that you will get some good tips by reading Andrew Trevitt's article.  Enjoy

Monday, July 26, 2010



Here it is and we are only half way through 2010 and the new models are rolling off the assembly line.  The Ducati looks really hot and the write-up on it makes you want to go and get yourself a Ducati.   And the price for the new Ducati is not that bad either.  Suzuki has also announced it's new baby as well.  Check out our next article on the new Suzuki for 2011.  She is hot as well.  Makes me want to trade in my 2008 Suzuki 1000 for the 2011 but I'm not going to do that to my baby she has been good to me:).

SUZUKI ANNOUNCES SOME 2011 MODELS Sportbikes include the V-Strom 650 ABS and Hayabusa

Read on people the 2011 Suzuki family is looking and sounding good as well.  They have the V-Strom, Hayabusa, Boulevard, ATV models already to ship.

Brea, CA, July 19, 2010 - Suzuki is pleased to announce its first big wave of several new models for the 2011 model year. In addition to the launch of these new motorcycles and ATVs, American Suzuki is also celebrating its 50th anniversary of international racing this summer. "We are excited to launch a significant number of new units for the 2011 model year, while at the same time we celebrate a half-century of racing," said Steve Bortolamedi, Senior Communications Manager at American Suzuki. "Our products are truly the result of time spent on racetracks all over the world," Bortolamedi adds.

Suzuki will soon ship the 2011 V-Strom 650 ABS, 2011 DR650SE, 2011 DR-Z400S, 2011 Hayabusa, 2011 Boulevard S40, 2011 RM-Z250, 2011 RM-Z450, 2011 TU250 and the 2011 Boulevard M109R and Boulevard M109R Limited. In addition Suzuki is also releasing a 2010 RM85 for those up-and-coming motocross riders out there.
A wide variety and range of product is key to a successful business model and nobody does that better than Suzuki. The company will offer several cruiser motorcycles for 2011 including the stylish Boulevard M109R, the entry-level Boulevard S40 as well as the retro-styled standard TU250. The S40 will be available in two new color schemes, orange and black, or white and silver. Suzuki revolutionized the dual sport category and will offer the DR650SE and the DR-Z400S for 2011. Returning for 2011 is the middleweight V-Strom 650 ABS which features antilock brakes as well as a large rear luggage rack with rubber-padded platform to help keep bags and luggage in place. The V-Strom is available in white and black. The king of the Sportbike segment, the Suzuki Hayabusa, also returns for 2011 in Pearl Mirage White or Pearl Nebular Black. And two new updated race-winning motocross performance machines also make an appearance for 2011; the potent RM-Z250, and the RM-Z450, which is based on the current FIM/AMA Supercross championship-winning ride.
Suzuki also announces several new ATV models for 2011. The KingQuad 400 models have been revised and both the 400ASi and 400FSi boast a new EFI system and a digital speedometer. The KingQuad 400ASi is offered in black, white, yellow and is also available in Realtree Hardwoods HD enhanced camouflage. The 2011 KingQuad 400FSi is also available in the same variety of color schemes as the KingQuad 400ASi. Suzuki will offer a completely new offering for 2011; a non-power-steering KingQuad 500AXi, which is available in yellow, black, white and Realtree Hardwoods HD enhanced camouflage.