Saturday, June 12, 2010

Relationships and Riding

As a woman rider I find it difficult to maintain a decent relationship definitely in the summer months because most men (who don't ride) don't understand what it means to ride.  They don't understand what's it's like to pull on the throttle and hear the pipes roar and to feel the motorcycle between your legs and to just be able to go.  They constantly think about who you are riding with (men), who your are talking with (men) and not taking the time to understand.

Men always want us women to understand them and their hobbies, so why is it that they can't understand our hobby.  When I'm on my chick (yes she's a girl) I'm not thinking about no man I'm riding with or talking with, they may have other ideas (as men do) but my mind is on the ride the thrill the excitement.

Men have different insecurities than women as I do understand the whole territory thing and afraid someone is going to come into their back yard since they are always in someone's back yard but you have to trust and understand that most women who ride, ride because we love to ride not get into a relationship.

Has any other women experienced this if so please feel free to share your experience, advice and opinions and men if you can help to enlighten the situation please do speak on it.

P.S. And not I'm not going to encourage him to ride, this is my world and I feel people should remain individuals and enjoy their own hobbies. 

You Are Where You Look

As I was surfing the web I can across this article from Sport Rider Magazine ( ) that I felt is worth sharing with the readers of cause I know I have come up on some curves and I was like oh my God, so enjoy and hopefully you will get something out of this as I have.  Biker-Space Team.

P.S. The article mentions racers but we feel it applies to all sport bike riders.

Since racers are more often than not traveling at warp speed, they must anticipate what their race bike is going to do long before it happens-which means looking far ahead of their present location.  We know we're constantly harping on this subject, but we've seen one too many accidents lately that were caused by a rider getting into a corner a little too hot, locking up the brakes and/or straightening the bike, then running off the road.  We can't emphasize enough how important it is to not only look where you want to go, but also to scan far enough ahead of yourself; this is basically a recital of the racing mantra, "Don't ride the front wheel."

Riding a sport bike well means being in control, and although it may not appear that way, it's vitally important for a racer to constantly be on top of his motorcycle's handling.  Since racers are more often than not traveling at warp speed, they must anticipate what their race biker is going to do long before it happens-which means looking far ahead of their present location.  This is why racers seem to be checking out spectators on the side of the track when entering hairpins.  Instead, they're looking at where they'd like to be in a 10th of second.

Try practicing your vision skills at a fairly tight corner, either on your favorite canyon road or racetrack.  As you approach the apex (or a fixed, readily visible point on the pavement), note how close you are to the mark before you begin to scan ahead for your next reference point.  If you are staring at that point until you are nearly on top of it, you're target fixating-if the corner ahead tightened up or if you found an obstacle in your path, it would be difficult to correct.  In fact, if you're looking at that point even 25 to 35 feet before you get there, you're still not looking far enough ahead.

You need to get your steering and vision skills honed to the point where you can hit a certain spot on the pavement repeatedly without having to actually look at it.  This involves using your peripheral vision to see the intended path of your tires, while still looking ahead at the next reference point (or as far ahead into the corner as possible).  Try this: Find a tight, second gear corner, have a buddy stand on the side of the road, and have him observe how close you can come to a fixed point on the pavement repeatedly while keeping your head turned as you scan far ahead into the bend.

Heading into a corner with a little too much speed or having a turn tighten up on the exit unexpectedly is terrifying for a novice rider.  Modern sport bikes are highly capable machines, and as long as the suspension is even halfway close to being dialed-in and the tires are in decent shape, you are likely to be astounded at the lean angles/mid corner corrections they can achieve.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Women Riders

These days there are more and more women riders out there and we would like to know your thoughts and concerns if any with women riders especially those of us who ride sport bikes.  We would really like the opinion of men rider no offense ladies but you know we are when it comes to women's lib issues and please respect each man's opinion in the matter.  Women if you are going to post please respect each man's opinion in the matter.

For me it's a learning tool to hear what our male counter parts think about us riding and maybe I(we) can learn something that we didn't know.  Women ride differently from men because we don't have all that testosterone's going through our blood.  And yes we all know thee are some women who just get it in and I mean get it in better than some male riders but those are 5-10% of the female riders are those are not the riders we are talking about.

Express yourself.


Why is it that when a rider has a passenger most of the time the passenger never has on the appropriate gear?  The rider will have on a full face, jeans, jacket, gloves and boots while the passenger has on a German helmet, shorts/dress, high heel shoes/sneakers, no jacket but she's cute/sexy as hell.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Club Colors - What Do Your Club Colors Stand For

As I have been in the community for 8 years young and I see how it has changed tremendously.  There are so many and I mean so many new clubs with all different types of colors on their backs and I wonder to myself why did they pick that?  What does it stand for?  And do they even know the history of club colors?  From the 1 patch, 2 patch, 3 patch colors, do they even know what each part represents?

What does your colors represent?


Upcoming Events-June 11-12

Saturday: Club Nuvo, 1 Swift Place Waterbury CT
$10 with colors, $15 without colors

Host Hotel: The Radisson 9100 Basil Ct, Largo MD (301)773-0700 $99/night-DCSR rate

Friday: Meet & Greet @ 6460 Capitol Drive, Greenbelt MD till 8pm
Friday night The Flaming Knights MC of Washington DC will be hosting a trophy party @ Knights of Columbus in Forestville, MD from 10pm-2am $20 in advance.

Saturday 12pm-4pm (Free)
The DCMCA along with WPGC 95.5 and the MD State Highway Administration will be hosting their 2nd Annual MC Safety/Family Initiative Day at Blob's Park in Jessup MD.  There will be plenty of activities for all, safety demonstration and safety checks.

Saturday night 10pm-2am DC Sportbike Riders Anniversary Party @ the Knights of Columbus 3611 Stewart Road, Forestville MD 20747   $20 while tickets last

This is a BYOB event with FREE food while it lasts for more information contact Cotton Candie @ 443-790-5525

Alex's "Original" Lemonade Stand, where the dream began and continues as a promise of hope for all children and families touched by childhood cancer.  Last year Alex's "Original" Lemonade Stand raised over $100,000!

Saturday: Starting point IKEA South Philadelphia 2206 S. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia PA 19148 (south parking lot) ending @ Penn Wynne Elementary School 250 Haverford Road Wynnewood, PA 19096-3298

IKEA has breakfast for .99, Registration 10:30am Kick stand up @ 11:30 SHARP
$10 per rider and $5 per passenger

There will be food, games, live music and a butterfly release @ Alex's school Penn Wynee.  Volvo cars, ALSF's founding sponsor will once again raffle off a brand new Volvo at the event.

For more information, please email El Presidente: or call the PRR Hotline to reserve your place in History...267-307-6361
Friday night: Meet and Greet 9pm-2am @ Leslies Lounge 3945 Newbern Ave Raleigh, NC 27610

Saturday morning/afternoon - Charity ride depart from host hotel Econo Lodge 1602 Mechanic Blvd Garner NC 27529 (919)779-7888 @ 11am riding to Lake Benson Park 961 Buffalo Rd Garner, NC 27529.  Cookout and ultimate water gun fight and step off.  Fraternities & Sororities will be challenging ALL Bike Clubs to Stomp The Yard!!
Saturday night - The Take Ova 9pm-2am @ The Garner YMCA on Garner RD.

Sunday: The return of Battle of Da Beast 11am-8pm @ Dunn Benson Dragway 55 Dragstrip Rd Benson NC 27504 Grundge racing, test-n-tune, wheelie contest, bracket racing with 50/5 payout, car and bike show(trophies to be awarded)

Tickets for entire weekend $30 or single day ticket $10 for more information call Mr. 954 (919)793-1483, Star (919)434-44743 or Solja (919)710-9851

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

South Carolina Helmet Law - Just My Opinion

Well today the South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that Myrtle Beach Helmet Law is unconstitutional and that not county can make state law.

In a sense it's a victory for us as motorcyclist with us being able to make own choices and decisions to wear a helmet or not but on the other hand is it a real victory?  When I had my motorcycle accident in Myrtle Beach approximately 4-5 years ago you didn't have to have a helmet but thank God I had enough sense to even have on a German helmet(which was someone else's helmet) because I didn't bring my helmet since you didn't need to have one.

When I got hit my head hit the lamp post and I only ended up with a slight concussion amongst a fracture foot, road rash and third degree burns on my foot because I didn't have on the proper foot gear(that will be a whole other topic of discussion riding gear later;).

But the point being your head is an egg shell against the concrete whether the county of Myrtle Beach is doing to be spiteful or not I think it is a good law to make people where helmets for our own safety.

Your opinions and views are welcome.  Let's talk about it.


SC high court strikes down helmet rule for bikers - South Carolina & Regional - Wire -

Well for all the Myrtle Beach goers during Bike week here is a victory for you.  If you got a ticket it should be null and void.  Check out the article below.
SC high court strikes down helmet rule for bikers - South Carolina & Regional - Wire -

Motorcycle Gear for Women

Ladies, Ladies when I started riding 8 years ago I searched high and low for any gear that was made for women and that was sexy and there was nothing until Icon came along and ever since then I am a loyal customer. I don't work for Icon they just make great gear for women and I wanted to share my enthusiasm with other Lady riders who are looking for the gear. Icon has the hottest motorcycle riding boots, jackets, gloves, helmets, chaps around around for women.  

So check out some of the gear that I have purchased on  I have purchased the black and the white pair of boots, gloves, helmets, and jackets from Icon and I absolutely love them. The boots are comfortable and sexy when you ride.  Besides that they have plenty of protection for your ankles and your feet. The jackets fit your body a woman's body. The gloves are not too big they fit nice and snug and are pretty with protection. Besides that they have plenty of protection for your ankle and feet.  Check out the Icon Hella Street Angel Boots as well "WOW".  Ladies don't worry about the price they are definitely worth it.  Happy Shopping from the only Lady on the Team


Monday, June 7, 2010

How does riding make you feel?

When you are out there on your motorcycle how does it make you feel?  Do you become one with your bike?  I know I zone out and nothing else matters around me but everything does matter around me.  It's a sense of freedom to be able to move as you want to move and to feel the air on your body it's a wonderful thing.  It's a love between me, storm(my motorcycle), the road and the scenery.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Guide To Group Riding